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2023-01-31 Automating maize, TotalMixRation concentrated feeding

2023-12-31 2023 electricity consumption half of previous years

2023-12-23 Goal to encourage symbiosis Bromopsis + Esparsette: Eco pointer Landolt et al. 2010: F = 2 dryish, L = 4 light, R = 4 pH:7+, T = 4 kollin, N = 2 lownutri, K = 4 subcontinental; Anti parasit

2023-12-23 Bio cyclic vegan: Leguminose Klee + Luzern for N binding and composting in addition to Vinesse plant based fertiliser from sugar processing

2023-12-14 Society not wants cows due to Methan. Milk processors not like altitude due to costs. Neighbors decide converting meadows to photovoltaics rejecting collab. Roof empty yet cover flowers and grass?

2023-12-14 => Strategy check: Natural habitat together with our allies. Society likes and funds it. A recreational refuge and historical expo. Biocyclic vegan agriculture. Compost is required for the circle of life. In this scenario we'd end our current "Lebenshof" and any meat supply

2023-10-01 Big milestone reached in decentralisation of governance, payment and communication. In 1 year we will see first real world applications. We will be able to process payments in all crypto currencies

2023-09-30 Progress of historical timemachine, soccer simulation have seen tremendous progress over recent years. We are falling back in updates, but will add a dedicated page on ModDB soon. Time to market is 2 years for soccer due to the innovative artwork and setting. For the time machine we need help by AI else never finish

2023-08-30 R&D AI monitoring health of dairy cows. We face a contradiction: Recent years saw increase in feed energy at cost of more dirt. We were ordered another hike. We chose forage maize. Feed composition needs more antithesis to the new meadow concept. Solution medium term: More animal space, freedom, hay ad libitum. Bedding, more intense cleaning short term, but hard in practice as 24/7 job, unfeasible also because animals don't have the patience nor can be treated or bathed healthily and comfortably. Night pasture was tried but also imposes challenges while fur result still isn't what is aimed for

2023-08-01 Further evolution of market place driven by distributed crypto currencies

2023-07-30 Milking robot surrected. Together with new milking tank will seal milk

2023-05-30 Finalisation of in situ modification plan until 2028 - low energy, natural resources and liquidity cost

2023-05-30 Progress on newest revision of mutual benefit co op - human and cow quality of life improvements (old version here, new version doubles per capita living space and fixes all issues including external feed supply)

2023-05-30 Fruit of year long gradual pasture adaption - double spring milk yield YoY without external fertiliser, concentrate feed, pesticides

2023-05-01 Guaranteed feed, storage co op with a trusted partner within 15 Km range

2023-01-01 Fortified co op with a trusted animal, land lord within 15 Km range

2022-01-22 Enabling drone telemetry close distance world wide range complement for redundancy, cloud

2022-01-21 Data transfer improvements (owl tree castle) world speed, resilience and stream capability

2021-11-01 Reducing Methane, CO2 emissions significantly by feeding Algae Seaweed Natural Oils Wheat

2021-03-01 Renewal of critical infrastructure

2021-02-01 Restructuring of our business infrastructure towards Switzerland

2020-04-01 New distance measuring unit integrated into main controller for slickness.

2018-08-15 Inter bot communication of several Km

2020-07-01 New version of the versatile remote control. Reducing cost by factor 10.

2020-07-01 New distance measuring unit integrated into main controller for slickness.

2019-10-01 New living space construction planning finalised (8 in 2021). Greening ensured in direct proximity.

2019-10-01 New product: IP web cam outdoor capable security surveillance system with zero hassle history view

2019-04-27 Significant cost reduction, simplification of the versatile waterproof ultra sonic sensor system

2019-03-26 Open Eco club team forms further with skilled charismatic reinforcement

2019-03-0: Autonomy for flying swarms of snitch, including live map updates

2019-02-26 Remote control: Increase safety by triple redundancy

2018-12-31 Open Eco club sides with veteran engineer friend with big international and technical overall experience

2018-08-15 Organize bots in a member system

2018-08-08 Riverbridge: Heating breakthrough. Finally all may fall into place. This is so relieving

2018-08-01 Get universal hydro remote control to work

2018-07-19 Blue rover mows, creates lanes of grass landscape [insert link to video]

2018-08-15 Repair tractor and extinguish sudden giant fire on diesel tank. Thanks to my little brother for instant help

2018-08-15 Fix model car electronics, replace motor after intense testing manoevres

2018-07-15 Organize bots in a member system

2018-06-19 Hilltop: Get rough plaster at northern, eastern walls straight again.

2018-06-01 Riverbridge: Finish flat at level 1

2018-05-01 Machines: BlueMower: Use wireless perimeter + Sunray

2018-04-20 Machines: Design autonomous blue lawn mower @ 300€ total part cost

2018-04-15 Web: Standardization on Composer + Git overlay

2018-04-15 Web: Standardization on Symfony|Laravel, Flow|Neos, Aimeos

2018-04-14 Riverbridge: Started floor heating construction @ level 1

2018-04-14 Riverbridge: Painted last remaining white wall @ level 1

2018-04-11 Equestrian farm: Plastered westernmost wall of horse stables

2018-04-01 Riverbridge: New contract at conditions that benefit both sides significantly

2017-12-19 Virtual time machine: Fine tune timing of breakthrough

2017-12-18 Virtual time travel breakthrough

2017-12 Horses: Earth, concrete works for new riding ground

2017-12-01 Shift time from dead HannibalAI to alive HybridAI

2017-11-30 Water level alarm system success (expected 6V but got 4..7VAC with sign alternating DC component -3.6..3.8 put positive side to use for triggering alarm as AC signal alarm raised only by 1VAC and proved unreliable)

2017-11-25 3D printing success (needed to adapt to colder temperatures approx. 5 degrees celsius)

2017-11-24 Used interwinter weather opportunity to finish western hobbit wall + garden path 1/3

2017-11-19 Beagle bone blue shines, interbot communications success

2017-11-14 Communications module attached to BeagleBones in an as compact, simple as possible way (requires 10 min)

2017-11-14 Mailserver working

2017-11-13 All websites up and running

2017-11-10 Mitigating hacker attacks: New shiny safer, simpler, up to date server

2017-11-08 Water proof level 1 material ramp

2017-11-05 Mini roof walls north east. Rush lay planks on level one harvest entry platform (during night) and protect it using tar before heavy rain arrives at dawn (vampire action).

2017-11-04 Create mini hobbit roof walls for earth and plants in south west. Create harvest entry platform between hobbit storehouse and riverbridge castle.

2017-11-03 Order all logic, comm parts for Walker, Natural heater, Manipulator, Burgau comm, HAMAG bender, Golf cart

2017-11-02 Design hydro power plant Burgau comm, minimalistic scalable DC motor speed controller (Golf cart).

2017-11-01 Think a component selection strategy ensuring modularity for all projects (HAMAG, worlddevelopment, ...)

2017-10-31 Established connection between riverbridge and hilltop

2017-10-28 Finished hobbit ceiling. Closed roof. Did withstand latest storm. :-)

2017-10-25 Finished last 2 hobbit, tikal windows

2017-10-24 Finished steel, wood floor, hatch, construction above cellar (tiles missing)

2017-10-23 Oiled, laid wooden bars on top of hobbit roof

2017-10-22 Finished hobbit hole steel roof construction

2017-10-21 Fetched wooden bars .2 * .1. Ground bars for roof and entry to riverbridge base level 1 (remember old stairs got removed).

2017-10-21 Fetched another pallet of bricks for hobbits

2017-10-21 Cleared border, laid natural stones. Damaged parts of the eagle terraces

2017-10-20 Finished major groundwork for vortex stairs (all but last step, needs additional steel I beam of length 2.85).

2017-10-19 Surrected roof, spiral stairs at north west frontier

2017-10-19 Redesigned, executed roof construction one last time, now flat, yet more hobbit-like. Room for additional terraces, maybe stone bakery oven. Redesign frees half of the bought metal for walker (400 Kg)

2017-10-16 Redesigned roof another time. A nice natural fire place on top of the hill for epic future throngs

2017-10-16 Removed the second fence and laid ground for the helix stairs (Bauantrag pending). Poured north western hobbit wall|stairs foundation and laid more bricks.

2017-10-15 Poured concrete at repurposed metal fence (rebar) for hobbit roof

2017-10-15 Collected leaves, put them to a nice natural place in the forest (legally)

2017-10-14 Inserted stainless steel chimney inserts into cellar

2017-10-14 Started border rework at hobbit hole contact edge. Removed fence, laid bricks.

2017-10-13 Continued hobbit hole walls. Second hobbit window. Built hobbit 1.8m diameter door arc.

2017-10-12 Continued northern hobbit hole wall. First hobbit window.

2017-10-12 Got, unloaded, zinc painted 3 steel I beams for solar holder, hobbit roof.

2017-10-12 Redesigned hobbit roof. Cost reduction by 50%.

2017-10-11 Solved details of the solar panel holder that integrates with the eagle terraces and the hobbit hole.

2017-10-11 Designed new level 1 outside entry including natural stairs, fancy siding.

2017-10-11 Determined height slope of hobbit hole walls to be able to lay 6 more layers of bricks (average).

2017-10-11 Measured green hobbit hole roof. Crazy construction, every steel beam different length and angle. 3D model proved difficult to get accurate. So real world measurement it was.

2017-10-10 Fixed egyptian bakery oven (again). Lights do not withstand the heat for longer than 2 weeks it seems.

2017-10-10 Brought and shoveled concrete gravel sand mix to riverbridge western front and heap for ground light stones at northern hobbit wall.

2017-10-10 Finished horse stables rework. Tidied up.

2017-10-9 Fetched 3t of new bricks for shed, border rework. Distance 20Km

2017-10-8 Walker base settled, parts specified

2017-10-7 Extended brick chimney into the cellar. Cut slots for metal floor support. (no more concrete saw dust in level 0 from now on :-))

2017-10-6 Finished removing concrete stairs level 0.

2017-10-4 Started removing concrete stairs level 0 (level 1, 2 wood stairs have been removed last year)

2017-10-4 Remove leftovers from times of wilderness at westernmost fence.

2017-10-3 Finished repair of westernmost foundation by shoveling tons of gravel

2017-10-3 Started horse stables rework

2017-10-2 Filled up at southern hobbit hole wall with rough gravel from `Forggensee`

2017-10-1 Plastered southern wall of hobbit hole. Waterproofed it.

2017-10-1 Dug out southern hobbit hole wall base

2017-9-30 Finished eagle terraces

2017-9 Laid empty pipes for electricity, water.

2017-9 Constructed extra foundation at west side of hobbit hole shed

2017-9 Laid horse proven bricks, natural stones around hobbit hole shed

2017-9 Natural stone circle laid around grass cirle at position of worlddevelopment logo's gear planet

2017-9 Grow first brick walls of hobbit hole.

2017-9 Started eagle terraces

2017-8 Dug out 30 m trench for water drainage from shed, gutters, a possible future car port

2017-8 Dug out foundations. Poured concrete.

2017-8 Aligned foundations, gate, circular grass, flower bed.

2017-8 Started hobbit hole shed series

2017-8 Rebuilt westernmost foundation. Fixes structural integrity

2017-7 Finished removing auxiliary stairs

2017-spring Finished gate system metal works

2017-spring Finished brick roundabout