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Long list, but I like it. Did we forget anything?
Good day!

Still a lot of room for your ideas!
Feel free to propose in the thread..


prisoner system that makes it possible for an attacked unit to have a sort of surrendering animation in the middle of the fight (which I think was tied up to the amount of HP / morale that remains for that unit

Thanks, that's what we plan while we take the distance into account. So if there are many fit enemy units around a single hero, then even that one will get captured if the encirclement is close enough unless the loyalty / sympathy is high / low to the friends / capturers.

Females as they have less health-points will get captured easily even from a distance. The weaker a unit the earlier (closer distance) it will surrender, becoming a neutral unit that follows the unit that captured. This unit now only can capture more units for as long as the own health is higher than the altogether health of all captives.

Then the unit might go home, taking the captives away.

This way, if a well aimed javelin hurts the capturer that has already many captives, then probably one of them can break out, the fittest in this case.

The cool thing is, in 0 A.D. this is not limited to soldiers .. you can even catch a fox or crododile like that. Beware that crododiles attack your units, if you should lose control over one of them while having them as a captive nearby.

Once we have the possibility to place eye-candy objects (like fences) then we can fence the captives.

For animals a corral was planned and there is a patch around that makes animals be tied to the corrals. It's even possible to have them inside the building. Though I like the fence thing better as then we don't have to prop extra animals to the stable object. And they would still be attackable/freeable. It's more realistic than first to have to destroy the building down to 25% .. especially if you just had to jump over the fence to get the horse out. :)

Good you mention the morale. We need it for the military anyway, so way not adding this too for every unit. If a formation has overrun other units, then moral would increase and even if they meet a stronger unit then, they could hold out longer due to the initial morale being high while it's decreasing more and more as long as they have more losses than the enemy, lose ground or are heavily overpowered. We have flexibility here.

As we already have to execute range check for picking attack targets in the battle, then we could even make units nearby to a loss more affected than those far away. This could lead to a partly dissolving army if they encounter elite units at a certain part of the front.

Perhaps we should not even store morale at all having it at 50% instead and deriving the + and - through a calculation that takes all nearby factors into account. Later we can add that bad news from another army has influence into the formula depending on time, the news was received by the unit.


Maybe we can have a sort of eye-candy family created whenever there is a certain number of houses present, and then, have each house spawn children who then grows up to become (free of cost villagers) - sort of the peasants of Stronghold.

Interesting! You sparked another idea, we could create an optional vasall system too.

The free of cost is good idea. I think it would be cool to not allow instant units at all. The exception are the mercenaries. They are getting much more interesting this way too.

Each map could have either infinite mercenaries available. Or we limit it to eye-candy mini-cultures that of course could also go extinct if too many mercenaries are drawn (it's possible they also send mercenaries to other tribes, e.g. the AI, perhaps we should add a tech for allowing to force the mini-cultures to not send mercenaries to other units. Of course the enemy will get a message and could use your takeover of the mini-civ as a reason for war.).

The cost for the units would be the school and grow-up then. Also the food and water they consume will be pricy. They need leather too. Iron later once they become soldiers if they decide to apply for the posts that are written out of the mayor/government.

So if you decide to recruit all you have in an emergency (raising alert the second time, e.g.), then you might well lose your teachers too. Could still send a general or other elite instead. Of course you don't have to send the teachers in yourself. We could add a button that decides if only teachers are teachers or all other elite units too.

I wish to avoud having it all hard-coded, I like it if it's flexible.

As we introduce time (somewhere I calculated 1 world-day will take 60 minutes by default) we will have a quite realistic feeling. The flow of time can be increased. just like it is currently.

Of course this open the problem of overreproduction, so this could lead to send your units abroad to populate an island or to conquer new territory. This might also trigger an AI to lead an preventive attack before the enemy gets too strong.

Good you mention stronghold, I hope we will have a similar building-damage system soon. Time will tell us how to achieve it.

shieldwolf said:

Let me add on the mercenaries - if a map will have infinite mercenaries, then in time, there should be a sort - of either an assimilation of cultures or total rebellion/ defeat of the culture who hired the mercenaries (something akin to what happened with the Late Western Roman Empire).

Though we planned rebellion with the Hybrid AI, I did not think of this usecase!! glorious, colleague! That must go on our list.

The mercenary count will be examined taking their loyalty to the tribe/player that hired them into account. So the formula will be something like: mercenary_rebellion_probability_0..100 = 1 - (moral + loyalty_towards_those_who_hired_them) / (morale.max + loyalty.max)


moral is already affected by military success and health, so health must not go into the calculation explicitely.

loyalty_towards_those_who_hired_them is a property of each unit that comes with the Hybrid AI. (we should discuss if additionally each unit has sympathy_towards_other_tribes_or_players. The units already have plenty have plenty of sympathy values to store, i.e. for all elite unit and all direct and indirect chiefs. We can't include every unit probably, but we can test if hardware can handle it to store sympathy of a peasant towards another peasant. would be cool indeed to add additional battlefield possibilities like, ha, I abandon this comrad and help this. You see. Or I help this woman and I marry her if she feels the same. I think you get the idea. We could make this moddable so that forced marriage might be possible for other cultures.)

they_will_be_loyal is a factor, usually 100 . Might be lowered for mercenaries that are known to not be very reliable. could be read from the units XML-file as an optional property.

Note: If we use floating point, then each factor has to be divided by 100. Then the probability would be between 0..1 just like it's formally correct as a probability is always between 0 and 1. (not that you accuse me I teach wrong things, what I probably do anyway.)


On overreproduction, may I suggest though that the children spawning be tied up to a certain number of houses so that if like, 20 houses are reached with 20 children, no more children is spawned. Something like that.

Are you sure it's tied to houses in nature? hm.. Perhaps it is. So probably each house a number maximum people and others (children grown up) then have to live on the streets/ inthe woods .. lowering their moral and increasing their will to become hired as mercenary of other tribes. Or join the military if any new soldiers are wanted (what might not be the case. The moral will sink and sink ... and they will start being like Robin Hood, finally even changing clothes to become citizens of the woods, split by their original tribe.). . interesting.

Or simply a cap like:

#citizen_maximum = #houses * #people_per_house

Like it currently already is. So no work to be done here. :D



(something akin to what happened with the Late Western Roman Empire)

If I am remembered of this tragedy of failing commanders then I get quite upset. Really throughout history things are happening that are difficult to grasp from our informed position:

And the bad thing is, those stories never end. Just recently another example came up in real world.

Okay. Back to topic. That re-sparked another idea I almost forgot:

Self-awareness of units: So if a unit is idle, well then I look there, the tavern for some time, perhaps depending on the number of units nearby. If there are too many, go elsewhere. Perhaps fishing.

Should be random. Could be location oriented too.

If an idle unit is nearby a lot of fish or a fisherman it might sit down nearby under a tree, watching the fisherman - at least until it's dark. Then all units go home and light is kindled.